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  1. Need 73-77 hood and other body panels

    Wanted Items
    Getting ready to put my '77 in the body shop for restoration. (47,000 original miles with 350) Need a clean, straight hood. Would like to have clean doors and rear quarters. Will consider a nice rear bumper if cheaper than re-chroming mine. Need to get the parts to coastal SC. Thank you.
  2. Wanting good doors and quarter panels 78-87

    Wanted Items
    Like it says, looking for good doors and quarter panels. Thanks
  3. Looking for Doors

    Region 2 (CT,MA,ME,NH,RI,VT)
    Im looking for doors for my 1980, in the New England area. Let me know if you have some or know some one who does. Thanks, Jon
  4. Full ABS Door Panels?

    Interior Restoration
    Anyone have Full ABS Door Panels in their Caminos? Was wanting to see if they looked decent or not and how others felt about them. http://www.dixiemontecarlo.com/Product/Detail.aspx?s=DM03026%20%20%20BLACK&d=1720&nq=0&p=1&sz=50
  5. Huge January Sheet Metal Sale at Ground Up

    Vendors Forum
    Hey Everyone, We are doing a huge blowout sheet metal sale at www.ss396.com. We have tons of 1964-77 El Camino parts on sale and we are blowing out all of our G-body sheet metal for ridiculous prices. Some of the stuff is 10% over cost. We are just looking to move our leftover stock. :yell...
  6. 1974 doors needed

    Body Restoration
    My name is spencer I own a 1974 elco and my doors are pretty screwed up, neither of my windows work the weather stripping is gone from Both side the pass door lock does not work . I'm looking for practically cherry doors any body have them for sale please contact me at [email protected]