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  1. San Antonio Raceway is Open!

    Region 13 (TX)
    San Antonio Raceway is officially back. Show your support for the track by coming out. They are supposed to have 12 Blown Nostalgia cars tonight.:bigups: I will be leaving home today at 3pm and heading for the track for some Test-N-Tune on the 1/4 mile.:texas: Track opens at 5pm and will be...
  2. Brake drag?

    Brake Systems
    I'm swapping out the calipers, pads, and rotors on my 76 el camino. I noticed after I installed the caliper on the passenger side, I get a very very very slight drag, where the pad is contacting the rotor. That doesn't seem right to me, thoughts? :dontknow:
  3. Wish me luck!

    Body Restoration
    So I did some research today and figured out that I will be able to do floor pans and my roll cage pretty soon. As anyone following my 75 complete rewire thread is aware, I purchased an aluminum racing dashboard from swracecars.com some time ago, and am currently in process of installing it. I...
  4. Need Cheater Slicks for my 70 Elky

    Wanted Items
    Have a pair of 15x8 rims and need 275/60 15 Please email... I live CA. and would like a pair of used Drag Radials [email protected]