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  1. ECM does not go into diagnostic mode

    Engine Topics
    I recently acquired a 1986 Elky with a 305. It has the original smog equipment, but I had to plug off the vacuum line going to the air management valve and to the efe tvs to keep it from stalling at idle. I also need to keep the idle at 700 rpm in drive or it surges and occasionally stalls. The...
  2. ECM keeps blowing out!! 4.3 V6 TBI PROBLEMS

    Electrical Systems
    Some issues on my 86 Elco with the stock 4.3L v6 fuel injected motor. Recently the injectors have been super "whacko!"... I went to start it up one day and sure enough, crank crank crank... It was getting flooded. The injectors were dumping fuel into the throttle body like crazy, not flashing or...
  3. Code24 wheels not moving?

    Engine Topics
    I have an 85 elco 305 with reman quadrajet from national. I was having this issue before carb was replaced. Keep getting code 24 during warm ups. Car is in park not moving. New vss buffer New coolant temp sensor New thermostat Cleaned connectors from harness to ecm but I didn't remove ecm...
  4. Unkown Wire/ECM Problem

    Electrical Systems
    Hello i have a 86 elco working on it to run a 350 l31 vortec 5700 but it does not have power at all. But that is not the case here i noticed my knock sensor pigtail is missing and it was connected to a green/dark green wire coming from the left (drivers side) of my vehicle where the bulkhead...
  5. ECM Programing

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 El Camino that someone prior to me swapped the engine from 305 cu in to a Jegs 355 cu in/375 hp bolted to a Turbo 350 Trans. I need to pass Cal/Smog. The wiring has been restored to original, both under the hood and dash (some tweeker had added all kinds of ??????). It has stock...
  6. any way to fool the ecm to do the trans lock up??

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have removed the ccc and gone to a vacuum distributor. Finally got everything working with the new Edelbrock Performance carb and love the way she runs. No more emission stuff and the new magnaflow exhaust gives it a great rumble. I did have to put the wooden stand off from Edelbrock to get...
  7. Are ECMs interchangeable?

    Electrical Systems
    My '82 Elky diagnoses keep pointing towards the ECM, so i'm ready to blow some more money and buy a remanufactured one. So my auto supply guy tells me I need the O.E No. or he can't help me. My ECM is already a reman, looks really old, and has no O.E. No. on it. The line where it's supposed...
  8. what have i gotten myself into?

    Engine Topics
    So on my 87 305 my secondaries seized for my computer controlled carb. Not a problem sent it out to get rebuilt turns out i need to get a new throttle plate from a junk yard for this rebuild. In the mean time i had a edelbrock 1405 manual carb that i skeptically threw in pretty much because...
  9. More CCC/ECM info

    Electrical Systems
    more in tech pages also.. have fun..:eek2: some is copy's http://www.robertpowersmotorsports.com/CCC.html http://performanceolds307.tripod.com/id1.html http://performanceolds307.tripod.com/id5.html http://www.montecarloss.com/community/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=890550 . .
  10. What emissions items can I remove without affecting the ECM?

    Engine Topics
    Just wondering what emissions stuff i can remove that will not affect the ecm or require me to remove it. In ct all vehicles 25 years or older are not required to be tested for emissions, Im not doing it for any gains really but just to clean up the engine bay a bit, so its a little more...
  11. Battery Drain

    Electrical Systems
    The battery has been draining in my '84 for about a week and when I measured the at rest battery drain it was around .5 amps. I cleaned up all my grounds and made sure all my connections were tight and when that didn't work I removed all the fuses. I measured the battery drain again and it was...
  12. 85 fuel pump to relay to oil press switch to oil/choke light fiasco

    Engine Topics
    Patient: 85 elky v6 4.3 (262cu) TBI fuel injection After a lot of changing parts, forum info led to oil pressure switch and its part in the fuel pump relay and that would be why I couldnt get fuel. Changed that and now car runs but still has new problems that seem to stem from changing the oil...