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  1. Best performance and MPG transmission for a 350

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 350 with a TH350 backing it in my 84 Elco. Issue is my Daily died so I am dailying the Elco like I used to. But my Hwy MPG is terrible due to no OD. I was looking at an OD unit but I might as well sell my TH350 (With a shift kit) and buy a new trans instead of dropping 2.6K on a unit...
  2. Torque Converter Efficiency

    Transmission & Drive line
    Since I am just getting back into cars and the prior high perf were all 4 speed, someone gave me a new phrase to become familiar with. This is not a drag car, instead I want reliability, performance with street manors. It has a 7004R with station wagon gears (probably 2.##) and 26 inch...