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  1. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    EFI is great, but you know what makes it greater? Bolt on applications! What I’m asking is why doesn’t the 78-87 el Caminos have a respective EFI conversion gas tank?
  2. Engine Topics
    New guy here. Have been perusing ECC for a few months and learned a lot. You guys are great. I have an '85 SS Choo Choo recently purchased with a 350 low torque truck engine (<300 hp) that is about 12-15 years old. I'd like to upgrade the engine and have been looking at Smeding 383's...
  3. Performance Modifications
    I just added a Profeaaional Products PJ III as a replacement for the Edelbrock 750 that would never stay properly tuned. http://www.professional-products.com/EFI_3.php This is the cat's meow:redxrobot: Gas mileage up 4 MPG in town and 6 on the highway. I still need to see if I can get it...
1-3 of 3 Results