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  1. 83 elcomino

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    i just got an 83 elco with the v6 i was researching how to take off the remaining egr crap and stumbled onto this site and was hoping for help/advice mine idles really high in park and neutral alot of the egr stuff has been removed just none off the carb i have the dualjet 210 17073000 carb thanks
  2. Help - Buzzing Egr Solenoid on '84 Elky

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    Hi all, I have gotten my 84 Elky running pretty well, with some of the help I've received on here. One day however, I noticed a constant buzzing sound coming from under the hood. The source of the noise is the EGR control solenoid valve. The chattering/buzzing only happens if truck is not in...
  3. Wanted: Egr solenoid & connector for 1985 ec

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    I am looking for an EGR solenoid and electrical connector for my 1985 El Camino with a 5.0L motor. You can reach me at [email protected] My zip is 07079. Thanks for the help. Pete