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  1. '78 Elco

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    Love these forums, happy to be here and back behind the wheel of an El Camino. My 3rd 5th gen, picked her up in April, came w/straight body, good engine/trans, new bed liner paint, clean interior, & American Racing wheels. Started wrenching a few years ago on my motorcycle, this is my first DIY...
  2. 83 elcomino

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    i just got an 83 elco with the v6 i was researching how to take off the remaining egr crap and stumbled onto this site and was hoping for help/advice mine idles really high in park and neutral alot of the egr stuff has been removed just none off the carb i have the dualjet 210 17073000 carb thanks
  3. New member here!

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    I joined the forum a few days ago because of how helpful the information was. I am the owner and young restorer as I'm still in high school. I pulled my GMC Caballero out of my grandparents garage where it has sat for the last 15 years and began cleaning it off. That was last November. Since...
  4. Anyone live in Marshall??

    Region 13 (TX)
    Inquiring about an 81 El Camino in Marshall (East TX). Elderly gentleman just posted it online to AutoTrader. Seems to have been advised by his grandchildren to sell it since they bought him a new Sierra truck. Anyone seen the vehicle, know of him, or willing to stop by to see if it's worth...
  5. diagrams

    Electrical Systems
    I was wondering if there was a single place that i could get all my wiring diagrams. there has been alot of rebuilding being done to my 87 elco and its a pain in the rear having to go and look online or call the dealer for a diagram of this and that. is there a book where i can find it all or an...