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  1. Electrical Systems
    Very new to Elcos, I quite literally got my first one about a week ago. I'm not unfamiliar with cars and repairing them, but I'm already stumped with this one. I'm working with an 84 Conquista 305 As of right now I'm chasing some odd electrical issues... and none of it makes sense to me. I...
  2. Electrical Systems
    I bought myself a Dakota Digital gauge assembly and I need to install their sensors for it to work. I found the oil pressure sensor no problem, but I can’t seem to find the coolant temp sensor that sends a signal to the gauge anywhere. Anyone know where it’s at? I have an ‘81 with a 229 v6.
  3. Electrical Systems
    Hello everyone! I just purchased my first el camino, 1978. Granted, this Elco needs work. The previous owner broke the ignition switch and hot wired the el camino to start. Now I’m stuck with the task of trying to correct the wiring. I purchased a rebuilt tilt column and plugged it in, but of...
  4. Electrical Systems
    It's in other places not just YouTube. That is when you remove the tach circuit board and cut the 4 and 10 pins on the integrated circuit. I did it because my tach was dead nothing, zero, zip, nada. I jumped the cut pins with a 200K resistor. Now my tach pegs out to zero when I start the car and...
  5. Other Vehicle Discussions
    So, Got the carb back from mountain man, and this time it's working. Car runs okay, a little hesitant/boggy once the secondaries kick in, so I assume it needs a tune, or it may be the gas that is the issue (It has not been run in several months until now). But now I have another issue. The...
1-5 of 6 Results