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electric choke

  1. Choke Question-possible conversion. Rochester Quadrajet on 305

    Engine Topics
    Hey y'all. I have recently been having problems with the choke on my quadrajet. I let the engine warm for quite a while but the choke wont open and the RPMs wont kick down. I replaced the choke thermostat thinking that might do the trick, Not sure if I didnt set it right or what. But When I...
  2. Electric Choke and HEI Distributor wiring

    Electrical Systems
    So my 67 el camino died when i was coming home from school last week. The idle wasn't right and if I didn't keep my foot in the gas the car would die. When I got it home I checked the spark plugs and they were fouled. I then checked the carb and the floats were sticking and the distributor cap...