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electrical problem

  1. No turn signal in my '86 El Camino

    Electrical Systems
    Hey guys. My turn signals in my '86 stopped working a couple weeks ago. I finally had some free time today, so I went and checked the fuse, and it's fine. I checked the signals again after I put the fuse back in, and they turned on. However, they would flash, then just stay lit, and then flash...
  2. Gear gauge issue?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, quick question. I just brought home my elky and Ive got an issue with the gear gauge selector and gas gauge, both do not work, the gas gauge stays up as if it's completely full and the gear gauge does not move from park when I shift, I've got the three on the tree style shifter I read...
  3. Fan fuse blows when engine starts, 1984.

    Electrical Systems
    My 1984 El Camino blows the fan/ac fuse when engine starts. Thought it was a bad blower motor, took it out, lubed it, worked fine, can let it stay on for a long time with ignition on, works in all speeds, until I start the engine, then fuse blows immediately. What is different when engine runs...
  4. turn signal problems

    Electrical Systems
    i have a 1981 and my blinkers do not work. i have changed the switch and the flasher fuses and they still dont work, my hazards however do work. what is my problem?
  5. Gas Gauge Not Working

    Electrical Systems
    I am rebuilding my 69 and I just installed my dashboard. All the components are working correctly except my gas gauge. When the key is out and the car is off the gas gauge is on full, then when I turn the car on the needle goes past full...any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?
  6. Keeps blowing the fuse

    Electrical Systems
    So I finally decided to pull the panel that would expose my fuses. The horn, interior lights, pwr door locks, and cigar lighter don't work. I found the blown fuse, and the next one blew as soon as I replaced the fuse. The original fuse I pulled first was a 30 amp, so now I'm guessing that...
  7. Rear lights not working on my "59 Elcamino"

    Electrical Systems
    All my lights and turn signals work great. But, when the headlights are on, the front and rear left turn signals don't blink. Also with headlights on, rear left center light dims out when I press the brake. If you can help, please respond....
  8. electrical problems with blinkers inside and out

    Electrical Systems
    ok i have bypassed my printed circuit because it was causing too many problems and just installed basic led lights to replace those blinkers. anyways blinkers work fine when my driving lights are off but as soon as i turn them on or park lights only my right blinker works and my interior and...
  9. Cool New Gauges Dash, Need Help Lighting Them.

    Electrical Systems
    Hello Elco Fans I just made a new dash for my 1983 El camino. G body iequus fuel, temp, oil, volt, Speedo, and 5 inch tach they look beautiful. they all work great. i just have one problem, i cant light them properly. i have the ground right, thats a no brainer. but the white wire. i...
  10. Instrument Panel Help. Desperate college Kid

    Electrical Systems
    First off i have done my research and did everything i have read that i can do. Its an 83 Gmc Cabellero, everything is all good except for the Cluster. None of the gauges work and it doesnt light up for night time use. fuel goes past full when you turn on the car, and goes past empty when...
  11. Please help- how to diagnose drain on battery

    Electrical Systems
    Hi, I posted on here a couple months ago with a similar question. Basically my battery is draining while the engine is on and I would really appreciate any advice on how to diagnose it. I realized this the hard way when the car died in the middle of an intersection and I had to push it through...