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  1. check engine light stays on unable to diagnose or reset

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    Hello everybody, I am looking for assistance. I have a 1985 el camino 305cid trying to pull code from OBD1 prom using a paper clip in the last 2 upper slots and nothing. the only slot that has voltage is the 1st upper slot. I've disconnected the battery awhile and as soon as I turn on the...
  2. NEW PROBLEM No Start 4.3 TBI

    Electrical Systems
    I have high regrets of going the fuel injected route instead of carbureted. I'm with a 1986 El Camino Conquista 4.3 V6 Lately, the car has been eating ECMs and Distributor Modules for breakfast. Half of the reason its been having issues was because I decided to get some Intellitronix digital...
  3. Engine swap electrical

    Electrical Systems
    So I picked up this 1981 el camino about three months ago. After about a month, the car needed a new carb and distributor so I decided to get rid of the 267 and drop a 307 in that I had sitting around. Over the course of this, I noticed I have about 13 connections and wires dangling over the...
  4. Will I need this?

    Electrical Systems
    Can someone tell me what this is? It is mounted to the top of the Passengers inner fender on a 1987 El Camino. The bottom plug goes to the ECU harness, the top plug goes to the gauge harness. I THINK it was part of the CCCarb and distributor and hopefully it can be deleted if I am going with...
  5. 84 camino fuse problem maybe? Help?

    Electrical Systems
    I was driving my 84 el camino the other day, and the car stopped and immediately started up but when it started up, the stereo, the headlights, dash, dome light all stopped working. Indicators still work of entirely sure if the brake lights work. But yeah. Mechanically the cars running fine...
  6. Cab Lights

    Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone. I took my 1981 El Camino out for the last time before winter last night and I noticed my Cab Lights wouldn't go out. When I got back from my drive I took apart the headlight dimming switch and the door button just tiring to trouble shoot the problem. Even with both switches...
  7. Crow is tough to swallow even aged.

    General BS Topics
    This customer read me the riot act over a bill on his '06 Dodge diesel and swore to never come back to me in writing. Well fast forward 5 years and he asked Linda if I would work on his hot rod. Now this car has been to everyone else in these years, but who does he call when he's really in need...
  8. Clicking noise from a plug

    Electrical Systems
    I've had this clicking noise (definitely sounds electrical) starting frequently when I drive. I couldn't find the source until now. I have no idea what it is, but I know that when I unplugged it the clicking stopped. The plug sits right behind and below the air filter. I've attached some...
  9. '84 Camino completely dead no electrics

    Electrical Systems
    Hey everyone, first post and I need a little assistance. I recently inherited a 1984 El Camino Conquista from an elderly family member wo passed away. It was supposedly running fine as of a month ago when he parked it and took out the battery. I went to put the battery back in and it was dead...
  10. NO dash lights, NO gauges!

    Electrical Systems
    My dash lights come on and off randomly. They were on last night. Turned the car off to get gas and what do you know....off again. Was in the middle of a convo with Donny and my driver floor lamp went out? lol. More importantly, none of my gauges and clock do not work but Speedo does...
  11. Lights are now BIZARRE!! thoughts???

    Electrical Systems
    So, to make a long story short, my lights on my '81 have gone bizarre! lol. My passenger parking light had a bad bulb. When I changed it, I realized it was significantly brighter than the other one. So when I change the other (which was the only one initially working), I then realized that...
  12. 1980 side marker lights??? Need them or not?

    Body Restoration
    Hey guys, so I am starting body work on my 1980 el camino and really don't like the side marker lights. And I am wondering what their purpose besides the obvious is? And want to know if anyone has taken them out and filled in the hole before? All help is appreciated! Thanks and god bless El...
  13. Rewiring a 75?

    Electrical Systems
    Hey there folks, after my near electrical fire tonight, I've decided that a full rewire of my car is in order. I've looked into this a bit before, and from what I hear, painless wiring is to be avoided (at least for us) because it is rather painful. Anybody know a) a good supplier for a full...
  14. Having electrical problems

    Electrical Systems
    dropped steering column to fix the rod for the dimmer switch. put everything back together. now have no lights, voltage to the cigarette lighter and radio. any Advice??? photos will help
  15. engine problems

    Engine Topics
    my 87 el camino first started having a rough idle then upon acceleration kind of a misfire. when on the freeway started to hear backfire-ish sounds and lost power then wouldnt start. started looking at fuel problems carburetor is getting gas, then checked for spark have that then checked to see...
  16. Push versus pull electric fan?

    Electrical Systems
    I just dropped off my 64 for a safety look over and was told that they had never seen an electric fan on the FRONT of the radiator pushing air vice on the back side of the radiator pulling like the conventional motor mounted fan. Id there any advantage or are they just trying to sell me a puller...
  17. None of my gauges work... Help?

    Electrical Systems
    None of the gauges work on my 73 SS. Ignition, exterior lights, and wipers all work, but none of the gauges, radio, A/C, work at all. It's tricky driving a 454 with no fuel gauge... I don't have a lot of experience on the electircal side of things, so I just wanted to see if you folks had any...
  18. Mis-seated Engine?

    Engine Topics
    Is it possible that an improperly installed (seated) engine could create electrical issues? Something a friend suggested about my dad's 86 EC recently. The vehicle spent a lot of time in shops in the last few years it was regularly driven. Thousands were poured into it but it never ran right...
  19. 79 Elco fuse box review plz

    Electrical Systems
    Since I dont have one of those fancy shmancy manuals ya'll suggested I get yet, Maybe one of you with a 79 could take a look at your fuse box, and let me know if anything needs to be a different fuse, and or if anything is missing... I totally don't trust the guy who owned it before me with...
  20. Uh... what is this thingy? lol

    Electrical Systems
    Can anyone tell me what this is and whether or not I can just tear it out and toss it?:nanawrench: lol Found it just stuffed up under the dash by the gas pedal.. says "suntune Vac"