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  1. Bring my 1969 SS "El Chromeo" back from an accident, became a restoration in reality

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Just a little over a year into the work part and 15 months sense the accident, the how was rain and just myself involved. Picture always show the story.
  2. No Smog pump needed... right?

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys! I've just finished tapping into the diagnosis connector and came out having a code 44. I've check on here about what it can cause it, one of my questions is, my car does not have the smog pump on it. I was told by a friend that it doesn't really need it since we aren't in California...
  3. 84" Stock center caps, anyone know where?

    Wanted Items
    [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img538/4664/eU8qNV.th.jpg] Hey Amigos, I'm missing 2 center caps for my stock rims, know where I can find them please let me know.
  4. Questions/Opinions on my 84 Project Elky

    Interior Restoration
    Hi forum Im new this but I have been a faithful reader of the forum for over a year now before I owned my own elky , Anyways I have pictures of my project uploaded to my profile if you wish to see them they go from me trying to work on it to its current stage of letting a proffesional do the...
  5. Poor Elky...shame..

    General BS Topics
    This is a shame. I feel for the guy...
  6. Sadly Stumbled On Money For The Elky

    Engine Topics
    Heyy guys, long time no talk. To make a long story short, i stubbled onto a car that i really wanted but was at ground zero for cash thus, making me sell my motorcycle (hardest thing i had to do in a long time) to afford it. After selling my motorcycle, i called the seller saying i had the cash...
  7. Front bumper with impact strip holes 1987

    Wanted Items
    Looking for nice front bumper with holes for impact strips 1987 elky Eric in rainy pnw Let me know what you have and price to part with it.
  8. 15 Percent off at ZAZZLE until 9/25

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  9. Anyone have their elkys on youtube?

    General BS Topics
    Anyone have their elkys on youtube? i do. i'm trying to take videos throughout the build.
  10. just wondering?

    General BS Topics
    ok new here my name is jeremy and my wife has allways wanted an elcamino. so we bought her one for 500 bucks, 83 with a robust v6, that was locked up! so it sat for about 2 years, and we started workin on it just recently. so far heres what we got just lookin for an estimate of power output? to...
  11. My 1970 El Camino

    Region 24 Europe
    Hello there. Just wanted to start this thread for my El Camino. Latest news is that she'll be arriving on 9th of july and I am so excited. Will be posting fresh pictures as soon as possible. I guess I'll be using this thread as a diary for my El Camino.
  12. eBay: 1977 El Camino classic 454

    Ebay / Craigslist Alert
    There's a southern 4th generation elky for sale. With a 454, looks really clean