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  1. Exhaust Systems
    hi guys, I am looking to delete the emissions system as the pump is seized and useless. How can I go about doing this task? Also, I don't need to do emissions testing as I reside in NH
  2. Exhaust Systems
    Hello Everyone, I'm currently in the process of repairing all the vacuum lines for my '85 and being I live in Southern California, I gotta keep the emissions components. Anyway, I came across this set of small, rotted plastic hosing with what appears to be a rotting rubber 2 port connector...
  3. Engine Topics
    Hi all, I have gotten my 84 Elky running pretty well, with some of the help I've received on here. One day however, I noticed a constant buzzing sound coming from under the hood. The source of the noise is the EGR control solenoid valve. The chattering/buzzing only happens if truck is not in...
  4. Engine Topics
    Just wondering what emissions stuff i can remove that will not affect the ecm or require me to remove it. In ct all vehicles 25 years or older are not required to be tested for emissions, Im not doing it for any gains really but just to clean up the engine bay a bit, so its a little more...
1-4 of 4 Results