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engine problems

  1. 67 El Camino, small block 327, cranks but no start

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    I have a 1967 El Camino that i just finished rewiring, and the car cranks but won't start. well I guess that's not true, it did start for about 20 seconds one time, but then it sputtered out, which makes me think that there's no problem with the timing or spark. Additionally, the car was...
  2. Engine is running rough and more.

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    Hi guys. I recently bought an 86 El Camino from a friend of my Mom. Everything was running fine until today. I drove to my friends house, then when we got ready to leave, I noticed the car was running rough at idle, and the exhaust didn't sound smooth like it normally does. It's not backfiring...
  3. engine problems

    Engine Topics
    my 87 el camino first started having a rough idle then upon acceleration kind of a misfire. when on the freeway started to hear backfire-ish sounds and lost power then wouldnt start. started looking at fuel problems carburetor is getting gas, then checked for spark have that then checked to see...