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  1. Engine Swap

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    Hello all, I am at a point of beginning to build my new engine. I have an opportunity to purchase a 350. It is said to be out of a 1961. My Elco is a 1981. will a 1961 fit into my 1981? Oh and I took all of my smog and ECM out of my elco. Or I could also purchase a 1999 350. The 1961...
  2. Radiator change needed for a 454 into a 77 El Camino?

    Engine Topics
    Hi all, So I've got a near stock 454 (small cam, manifold, Holley 650) from a 77 C10 that I've rebuilt and am slotting into my 77 El Camino, that was stock with a 350, auto, PS and air. On the subject of radiators, what's everyone's opinion on whether the stock one will do it? Is there a...
  3. chevy 632

    Engine Topics
    has anyone tried to put a 632 in a 5 gen if so what problems should I expect I just trying to finger out if a 632 is the engine for me
  4. Which is more bang for the buck? 383 Stroker or LS

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    To start this off I have an 86 El Camino (Daily driver) that i am doing an engine swap on soon. (BUDGET $4500-$5500)(GOAL 400+ hp and ft/lbs) Car already has... 305 tbi (stock TBI fuel pump/system) Built TH350 (heat treated gears/shift kit/etc..) Built Grand National rearend with 4.10 POSI I am...
  5. Any experience with Smeding?

    Engine Topics
    New guy here. Have been perusing ECC for a few months and learned a lot. You guys are great. I have an '85 SS Choo Choo recently purchased with a 350 low torque truck engine (<300 hp) that is about 12-15 years old. I'd like to upgrade the engine and have been looking at Smeding 383's...
  6. Transmission Swap with 350SB?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, I have a question regarding a transmission swap. I have a 1985 ElCo Conquista. It had a rebuilt 350sb transplanted after the factory 305 died. The transmission is a 200R4, and it's started to rattle and lag, unless I really slam down the gas pedal. I was considering just getting a...
  7. ECM Programing

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 El Camino that someone prior to me swapped the engine from 305 cu in to a Jegs 355 cu in/375 hp bolted to a Turbo 350 Trans. I need to pass Cal/Smog. The wiring has been restored to original, both under the hood and dash (some tweeker had added all kinds of ??????). It has stock...
  8. 305 to 6.2 diesel engine swap in my 79 el camino

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    Right now i currently have a sbc 305 in my 79 camino. Stock motor and everything is original. My buddy has a 6.2 diesel bolted up to a rebuilt TH400 tranny that i want to buy for my el camino, but i have no idea how easy this would be to swap. Does anybody know anything that would help? What new...
  9. 59 ElCamino engine swap

    Engine Topics
    Hello friends, I have purchased a 59 El Camino with a 235 six and 3 speed on the column. A friend has offered to give me a running 250 6 cylinder with attached 3 speed transmission. Can anyone tell me if the 250 set up will require any modifications to the motor mounts or if the existing drive...
  10. Engine swap 350 to 383

    Engine Topics
    Hey everyone I am new to this forum and not to sure how to use it so I hope I am posting in the right area. I have a 1985 elcamino conquista with a 350. I ended up getting some extra money lately and since I blew a ring on the 350 I want to just get rid of it and put a 383 stroker in. I have no...
  11. Honest opinion- diesel swap

    Engine Topics
    First off the elco im asking about is a 1987 conquista 5.0 v8 305 and I am located in the state of California. So I have been contemplating building or rebuilding a new engine to swap with my existing 305 (which is a great engine for cruising but want something new). What ive been planning on...
  12. '84 engine/trans swap, a little help please

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 that had the 231 Buick V6 with the Th200 3 speed. It has 270k miles and I am looking to swap the motor and trans. I live in CA and must meet smog requirements. Spoke with the Smog Ref and he told me what I needed to be smog legal, long story short, I pulled a 1991 GM 5.7l and...
  13. Engine Swap, Tranny Fitment??

    Body Restoration
    Well to start it off. This coming spring, Im looking to pull my engine from my 84 El Camino. The engine is pretty worn and burning tons of oil, so I would like to do an engine upgrade. The engine in the car is a 3.8L V6 (vin 9) and the Transmission is an automatic. I would like to find a V8 like...
  14. (V6 to V8 Engine Swap) Radiator Advice Needed

    General BS Topics
    Sooo.... I'm thinking I'm going to need a new radiator when swapping out a V6 to Chevy 350 Small Block. I have everything I need to swap it out but I'm looking for some help for what Radiator if I need to, do I put in. Looking for advice.
  15. 502 Ram Jet

    Engine Topics
    First time to the forums. Im currently doing a resto-mod a 1967 El Camino. Been looking around at engines and have my eyes set on a 502 ram jet. Was wondering if anyone here has done it yet or has any information on it. Really worried about the height of it. I have the SS hood if it makes any...
  16. 454 swap NEED HELP

    Performance Modifications
    hey guys, i have a 78 el camino that i bought with a 350 small block. it drove great and was relliable. until i blew it up being a jackass and driving like a typical highschooler. a buddy of mine is selling a 454 big block for $500. i was wondering if i would just need to modify the engine...