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  1. Smog check

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    Anyone know where I can go get my 84 el Camino smogged I live in canoga park california ??
  2. Engine Question - 1984 El Camino

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    I currently have a completely stock 305 small block in my 84 El Camino but I'm ready to make this thing a power house! This will be my first real engine assembly besides basic fix-ups and service. Right now I'm taking a look at this motor here, but I'm willing to go bigger if possible. ZZ502...
  3. GMC Caballero New Engine

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    Ive had my 1978 GMC Caballero for about two years now and it has been awesome. It was my first and car and I'm definitely going to keep it forever. One thing that I have been having trouble with is the tired 305 in it right now. It leaks major oil and it lacks major power. Im not very...
  4. My 307 sbc runs perfectly until the engine warms up, then wont stay running

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    I did a v6 to v8 engine swap in my 1982 elcamino. I timed it and it ran great for a few days. I even drove it to work. But on my way back from work it started sputtering and backfiring. I had to limp it home. Now I can start it up and it idles and runs great for around 15-20 minutes until...
  5. Any experience with Smeding?

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    New guy here. Have been perusing ECC for a few months and learned a lot. You guys are great. I have an '85 SS Choo Choo recently purchased with a 350 low torque truck engine (<300 hp) that is about 12-15 years old. I'd like to upgrade the engine and have been looking at Smeding 383's...
  6. Please Help!

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    Today i took the valve covers off and noticed i am missing a pushrod. I guess this explains why the engine was misfiring and running boggy. Anyhow, the pushrod mustve hopped off the cam lobe and bent itself, until it eventually broke. I have about a quarter of the pushrod missing, and i need...
  7. Engine swap electrical

    Electrical Systems
    So I picked up this 1981 el camino about three months ago. After about a month, the car needed a new carb and distributor so I decided to get rid of the 267 and drop a 307 in that I had sitting around. Over the course of this, I noticed I have about 13 connections and wires dangling over the...
  8. HELP!!! *** IS THIS THING CALLED? lol

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    [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img540/5554/ZOc3lO.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img537/971/NMPI6M.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img661/6941/8A5IaW.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img537/1473/Vy4SmY.jpg]...
  9. Engine oil cooler

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    i have a 79 el camino, i have a 350 in it. i just put a super charger on and and have been monitoring the temp, it was doing great untill the weather started to get warmer, i now sometimes am pushing temps close to 250. still seems to run fine, but i will be taking it to a car show a little...
  10. Help a newbie not mess up

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    Hello everyone i have an 86 305 5.0 and Im wanting and need to clean it up a hell of a lot and was wondering what I could be taught about the vacuum system that needs new line but i know some replace lines with just filters? I also will need to know what each piece is cause I am smart as a rock...
  11. Reusing head bolts

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    Am I ok to reuse the headbolts that were in there? They look to be in great shape and don't have a lot of miles on them. I've been told to just torque the 10-15lbs over spec
  12. Engine turns over without turning key forward.

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    So we finally got a warm day here in Ohio so I pulled the car outside and fired it up. Let it warm then I shut it down and went in the house for a bit. When I came back a few hours later I started it, and when it fired up the starter was still engaged and turning is I killed the ignition and the...
  13. Tell me about...lightweight flywheels

    Performance Modifications
    Anybody use one? I'm all about trying to save some weight (well, sorta :lildevil:) on my el camino, and I'm already looking into aluminum heads, an aluminum intake manifold, lightweight wheels, lightweight fuel pump pushrod, and a lightweight driveshaft. So, anyone used a lightweight flywheel...
  14. Pulling my engine.. What am I getting myself into

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    Here in the next couple of months I'm going to be pulling my smallblock and 4 speed tranny to make painting the engine bay easier and it needs a new oil pan gasket and rear main seal and the tranny needs a few new seals. What I want to know is what am I getting myself into? I'm not doing a...
  15. 78 camino 350 upgrade

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    I have a 78 el Camino. how hard is it gonna be to put a vortec 350 in it. I have everything motor tranny wire harness and computer. I have the entire donor vehicle also. Needs help.
  16. Engine swap 350 to 383

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    Hey everyone I am new to this forum and not to sure how to use it so I hope I am posting in the right area. I have a 1985 elcamino conquista with a 350. I ended up getting some extra money lately and since I blew a ring on the 350 I want to just get rid of it and put a 383 stroker in. I have no...
  17. 1984 Recently Died and Now Won't Start. Help!

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    I hope this is the right place to post this, as i am new here. (Actually, this is my first post...how lucky!) Anyway, I have a 1984 El Camino that i recently bought. I just got a new exhaust system put in (muffler, all new piping, y pipe, donut gasket, cat converter repairs, and driver's side...
  18. Possible Seized Engine

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    I have an 84 Caballero with a GM Crate 350 motor in it. The motor has less than 8000 miles on it. I just drove back from college yesterday and I noticed that my motor was running relatively hot during the trip but just assumed it to be inaccurate because the wire to the gauge runs past my...
  19. 86' El Camino Engine Swap/Build Thread!

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Decided it's time to retire the original 305 that my cruck has been equipped with throughout it's life. It has over 300 thousand miles on it, and has never once left me stranded. The 2004-r I believe is the original to the cruck, but has been rebuilt at one point or was replaced. As of...
  20. Coolant sweating from front block

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    Hi All, I've been fixing some water leaks, replaced thermostat gasket and it's sealed well now, except I kept smelling the sweet smell of coolant when driving. I found that the temp goes almost to 220, (like 210, then cools down quick) and notice the coolant smell. I checked, it's coming...