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  1. New Member In SoCal- Own a 72 that needs to get back on the road!

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    Just registered today and would like to get involved where I can in the area. I work in the graphics arts / printing trades and I can help that way too. Look forward to getting more involved and It will get me more motivated to get my car back on the road. Have had my car for over 25 years...
  2. Any events or meets in Nov in So Ca?

    General BS Topics
    There is the first Murietta Rod Run 11-7,8 ? Sold out with 400 cars. Do not know of any other shows or events Nov Dec. Hope to have 66 Elco running but just getting done with frame on resto (pics on profile album) so might be after but looking for somewhere to see some more Elco's
  3. Region 8 Upcoming events?

    Region 8 (OH,WV)
    Just wondering if there's any events coming up in the central Ohio area? Im restoring my Caballero and would love to get insight and tips from people first hand and also show off what i have accomplished.
  4. Stevensville Md. EVENTS

    Other Events Discussed
    Hey all, The Kent Island Cruisers have posted most of thier events on their new web page and on facebook. They got rid of the Calendar style page andnow have an easy to read list, and some flyers. The page will be updated as new info. is confirmed. Here's a link to the new page...