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  1. Exhaust headers for 350 in 1980

    Engine Topics
    Howdy all, I have a 350 from an older GM vehicle in my 1980 elco. I am wondering what y'all are using/would suggest for headers. The 350 still has the basic manifolds and such up to the cat, to which I then ripped it off as it was rusty and now the exhaust just exits right after the cat. I...
  2. Patriot Side Pipe Information

    Engine Topics
    One of the things I get asked most about over on the NECOA Facebook page is my side pipes. Prior to installing them, I did extensive forum searching here and on other forums to accumulate information. I figured I would put everything that I have learned here in one place to educate others...
  3. True dual gbody exhaust with stock crossmember?

    Engine Topics
    Can I run true dual exhaust on my 79 El Camino with the stock transmission crossmember? I really don't want to spend 200+ on the double hump crossmember. I plan on doing true dual from the manifolds, 2 1/4" pipe, no cats, and flowmaster super 10s or cherry bomb extreme mufflers. Just for...
  4. Best sounding exhaust setup?

    Performance Modifications
    Hello, Ihave a '79 Diablo with a bone stock 350 and im looking to get that rumble. I'm keeping the stock manifolds and switching from single to true duel with side exits before the rear wheels. The question is what would sound the meanest, Flomaster 2 Super 10's, 2 Flomaster Super 44's or...
  5. Exhaust Compatability

    Engine Topics
    I have a chance to buy an entire, from manifold back, for an "A" body. I have a "G" body, 81. Can anybody tell me if they would work?
  6. Installing new exhaust headers.

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys, I'll be replacing the stock exhaust manifold in a 396 this weekend and putting headers in. Do I need a gasket for the headers? If I do can someone recommend what type I should use?
  7. Lq4 exhaust

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hey guys Just me again So I finally settled on my build and where it's going I've recipe fly swapped in an lq4 5.3l from an 03 yukon truck intake looks nasty sticking up a little passed the hood but the issue I'm running into is the exhaust. I was planning on flipping the factory manifolds...
  8. Pop Bang Boom!

    Engine Topics
    Started my caballero for the first time in a about a month the other day and it would run fine until I took the choke off and than it would run really rich and lightly backfire but I reved it to keep it running and it backfired like as loud as shotgun so I shut it down. For some reason I don't...
  9. Free Shipping on Flowmaster + Reduced Prices

    Vendors Forum
    Hey folks, If you were thinking of upgrading your exhaust system now is the time! We have just dropped our sale price on all Flowmaster systems and headers PLUS we are offering free shipping. We are doing this as a holiday promotion but wanted to give Team members the heads up early...
  10. Yet Another Header Thread

    Performance Modifications
    I was writing up my tale of bad luck with these headers, and it was getting too long. Instead, I'll just put the question out there. I have a new set of Hooker 2451-1HKR headers. Is it possible to bend the header tubes in toward the transmission about two inches? The driver side is almost...
  11. New exhaust system

    Performance Modifications
    So I have a 1985 choo choo custom SS, and as far as i know, everything is stock except the 350 that's currently in it (I recently inherited it). There's a lot i want to do, but the exhaust definitely needs to be taken care of first. To cut to the chase, i'm looking to install a new exhaust...
  12. Exhaust help

    Engine Topics
    I'm having trouble with finding exhaust systems and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?? I'm running open headers right now but don't have the back pressure to pull fuel down into the engine (lack of vacuum). I know I don't have a vacuum leak or a problem with my carb as it has been rebuilt...
  13. Headers!!!

    General BS Topics
    i have a 87 el camino conquista and looking for that slight power boost with the sound improvement so decided its time for some headers. posting on here just to see what brands and model types any of you would recommend. I dont know much about headers and the rules on california acceptable...
  14. FREE SHIPPING on all Pypes Exhaust systems!

    Vendors Forum
    If you were thinking about upgrading the exhaust system on your El Camino now is the time! From now until May 31st, 2013 we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any Pypes exhaust system. Here is a direct link to all of the systems that we carry for 1964-1977 El Camino...
  15. Sadly Stumbled On Money For The Elky

    Engine Topics
    Heyy guys, long time no talk. To make a long story short, i stubbled onto a car that i really wanted but was at ground zero for cash thus, making me sell my motorcycle (hardest thing i had to do in a long time) to afford it. After selling my motorcycle, i called the seller saying i had the cash...
  16. Exhaust leaking through heating or vents?

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I drove my elco around the block and my head just about exploded from such an intense headache. My exhaust is leaking into the cab and I can't figure out how. No matter what when I start it the heat is on low, is it possible exhaust is getting in through the heater? Also, I notice these two vent...
  17. 86' Exhaust Advice

    Engine Topics
    I've poked around the site for a while looking for an answer so I wouldn't have to bug you guys, but I haven't found quite what I'm looking for. So, here's what I'm hoping to get advice on: I have a stock 86' El Camino with a 305. In an ideal scenario, I would like to put a Flowmaster 40...
  18. My New Exhaust

    Performance Modifications
    Hello everyone. Ive recently decided to make my own exhaust system. I have a few ideas of what i want to do but i just wanted to bounce a few ideas. All ideas include a new set of headers. The most simple i would say is just tracing the old system with larger diameter pipes and a better muffler...
  19. 68 Elky sluggish..

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 68, although the engine in it is a 1980 350 small block. Had to put a new carb on to pass emissions(Edelbrock 650), it had a Carter before- runs the same really, before and after carb replace..doesn't seem to have good pickup on the fwy(and in general). Has single stock exhuast from...
  20. Buyer beware!!! Jegster crossmember for 5th Gen.

    Performance Modifications
    I recently purchaced the Jegster crossmemeber from Jegs to work with my dual exhaust setup. My mechanic informed me it did not mesh well with the Hooker Compitition Headers I was using. I ended up buying the one from Summit Racing and it fit like a glove...both the exhaust location AND the...