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  1. Body Restoration
    Hi guys, while restoring my el Camino it was in a fender bender at one point and the front radiator support body mount bushing was so old and worn it provided no stiffness and the frame bent a little around the flange where the body mount bolts into. I really want my restoration to last...
  2. Body Restoration
    Hi everyone. I have my 85 elco as you all know. A few weeks ago I had a lady pull an insurance scam situation on me. She pulled in front of me and slammed her brakes so I would rear end her, no way I could of avoided it. At first I thought my bumper was just ruined and I got a new one on eBay...
  3. Body Restoration
    Hi - I bought a '72 el camino and after further investigation, found that the bed was fairly rotted underneath and that the front passenger side needs a new floor pan. Scrapping the car IS NOT an option, and I was wondering what estimates are for time, cost of labor? Assuming body has to come...
  4. Suspension & Steering
    I am searching for frame dimensions and/or drawing for 4th Gen. I have a 75 El Camino SS (body and interior beyond help or I'd fix it!), that I want to use the frame for another project (47 Olds Convertible frame swap). I have mapped my existing Olds frame with lasers, tapes, levels, squares...
  5. Suspension & Steering
    I have been searching for a donor frame for my 1947 Olds Convertible. I have recently acquired a 1974 El Camino SS with the body a complete "Total", rusted & rotted, interior, lets just say that there is no way to breath inside even with the doors open. So I have searched the net for frame specs...
  6. Body Restoration
    I was wondering if anybody knows the weight of a completely stripped 87 body and frame weight. I'm going to do a body off build, and I need to know the weights
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Was wanting more room in the smugglers box, so I'm curious if anyone has taken any spare tire mounts from another vehicle and bolted the tire to the frame. Would this work and has it been done?
  8. Body Restoration
    I have a 79 ec conquista and the rear frame rails are kinda rusty. The passenger side rail aint too bad but the driver side has some holes... Is it possible to patch the frame rails with some sheet metal or a patch? Can i keep the whole car assembled and not have to take parts off or have the...
  9. Wanted Items
    looking for something in manitoba, saskatchewan, or north dakota. I'm located in southwestern manitoba and am looking for either 73-77 el camino or malibu/chevelle wagon for an extra frame, interior parts and who knows what else if anybody has any leads it would be greatlt appreciated thanks
  10. Body Restoration
    Hello everyone. Was looking around forms Google, Craigslist etc...and I've seen many 4X4 El Caminos. Some great and some...:neutral2:. Now before the NECOA seizes me Elky from me just hear me out. I'm not looking to jack it up, put the biggest tires I can find then paint it camo. (No offense if...
  11. Body Restoration
    Need some help I'm in the search for a 67 el camino frame, I found a 66 frame in good shape my question is can I use this frame my 67 if so do I have to modify anything? Need help fast will be buying this frame next week...
  12. Wanted Items
    Does any one know where i can find a 67 frame in decent shape anywhere near Southern Ca.
  13. Body Restoration
    There's a 78 Caballero I'm looking at which has no motor or trans, but looks good for a restoration..However there is one slight problem. Location: The driver's side rear wheel..I'm not sure what the actual term for the part is(CV joint maybe?), but it looks to be either a part of the frame, or...
  14. Interior Restoration
    I am trying to find new mounts and swivel frames for my swivel buckets when I replace my floor pans. I am not having much luck finding them online. Any ideas?
  15. Suspension & Steering
    Can anyone tell me why when I shift to rear or drive, that the hole back end of the El Camino jerks forward or backwards and clucks once? -Adam
1-15 of 15 Results