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front bumper

  1. '68 front bumper brackets

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    Hi gang- made the mistake of thinking a light pole would move when it saw me coming and now I'm repairing the LF of my '68 El Camino. I need the LF bumper brackets since I had to cut one of them off. I'd really rather not have to buy and store half of a set if someone has the pair I need...
  2. Front bumper with impact strip holes 1987

    Wanted Items
    Looking for nice front bumper with holes for impact strips 1987 elky Eric in rainy pnw Let me know what you have and price to part with it.
  3. need parts for 81 front end (i have pics)

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    i need parts for my 81 front end heres what i got u can see what i need <--- i need passenger blinker aslo need the chrome fitting around the headlights