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fuel pump
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  1. Engine Topics
    Hi everyone, so I have a original tank 79 el camino but I need to fit fuel pump from 98 chevy cheyenne (k1500) 5.7 vortec Any aftermarket tanks that would work with those pumps and fit in elco ?
  2. Engine Topics
    Hey y'all. I have a 1985 Elky. Originally a v6, but previous owner swapped for a .060 bored 350 v8. He said he also replaced the gas tank with another 22gal tank. Engine has forge flattop pistons, solid lifters, roller rockers, 305 double hump headers. Currently has a sticky Holley 80457-2...
  3. General BS Topics
    Hey guys. I am a new member again. Used to be on here years ago. I have two questions first to post pics I have to use a link to a webhosting service no embedded images. Correct? Also stock fuel lines to the fuel pump on a 350 are 5/16 inv flare. Correct? I have a edelbrock fuel pump i need to...
  4. Performance Modifications
    I have a question for the el camino gurus. My fuel pump has breathed its last breath and I need to replace it. My question is do I upgrade to a performance fuel pump or just stick with the stock replacement?? What else should I replace / upgrade? I have the 350 with a holley 500 cfm 2 barrel...
1-4 of 5 Results