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  1. Fuel Pump

    Electrical Systems
    Hello my el camino seems to not have power going to the fuel pump. It happened before my v6 to v8 swap. It began to stall a bit but fortunately the thing kept going for 10 miles or so. I removed the fuel pump and directly connected it but nothing happened so i replaced it. But unfortunately it...
  2. Fuel Gauge and Sender 101

    Electrical Systems
    http://chevellestuff.net/tech/fuel_gauge_diagnosis.htm :texas:
  3. Pop Bang Boom!

    Engine Topics
    Started my caballero for the first time in a about a month the other day and it would run fine until I took the choke off and than it would run really rich and lightly backfire but I reved it to keep it running and it backfired like as loud as shotgun so I shut it down. For some reason I don't...
  4. Fuel line

    Engine Topics
    I parked my car only to come out the next morning to find it smelled like gas I crawled underneath and sure enough the line has a hole in it along the frame rail. My question is can I get a section of fuel injection rubber hose and it that in instead of the hard steel line? The section along the...
  5. Edelbrock carb tips

    Engine Topics
    Hello again everyone! I'm looking for tips on a new carburetor. I'm getting rid of my old 650 double pumper holley and going for a 650 Thunder series AVS Edelbrock. My holley had been rebuilt many times and is 20+ years old. Also sat in the garage where I found the car for 15 year. It loves to...
  6. 68 fuel delivery

    Engine Topics
    Seems uncomplicated but it sure has be stumped. So first a little background information. My elky was bought as a father son project when I was 17. I proceeded to work on it every weekend with my father until my mother decided I should no longer live with her (parents are separated). I left...
  7. Gas return line, NEED HELP.

    Body Restoration
    Hello im new on here, im 16 i just bought my first car a 1977 el camino classic, ive rebuilt the top end of the motor and some other stuff, im all ready to see if she will fire but i replaced the fuel pump and now gas is shooting out of the over flow nipple on the pump. After some research i...
  8. '81 Fuel Gauge Needed

    Wanted Items
    Looking for fuel gauge to fit 1981 Elky, without gauges, standard dash. If anyone has a good one, I'd like to buy it. Figured there would be some out there that were replaced with gauge instrument panel. Or if you know where I could find one, Please let me know:neutral2: