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  1. Parts for sale
    Parts List 1-Lower dash panel below steering column. $25.00ea have 3 3-Gauge blank cover $10.00 4-Shifter indicators with mounting bracket 1 orange 2 red on all three the little circles are broke the puller connects to the spring (see photo) $10.00 each. 5- Floor Shifter with mounting bracket...
  2. Engine Topics
    Im doing a big block swap from a 72 chevelle on my 84 elco and im pretty much all done. BUT i would like to have power steering. And im sure others have had the same problem with the pulley hitting the steering box. Ive put posts in other forums and have been told that a regular bracket with...
  3. Other Events Discussed
    Its going down GBody Run July 31st 2011. Meeting up at TGIF on La Tijera and ending at Harbor Park in Los Angelas California. Meeting up at 12pm and rolling out at 1pm. Free food and drinks and we're giving away 25 to 30 trophies. Everyone welcome you will not wanna miss this event!!!! :beer:
1-3 of 4 Results