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  1. Edelbrock carb tips

    Engine Topics
    Hello again everyone! I'm looking for tips on a new carburetor. I'm getting rid of my old 650 double pumper holley and going for a 650 Thunder series AVS Edelbrock. My holley had been rebuilt many times and is 20+ years old. Also sat in the garage where I found the car for 15 year. It loves to...
  2. Gas grade

    Engine Topics
    Hey I recently have been reading up on the different gas grades and I wanted some input on if a higher octane gas has any real benefit to it. I have a 73 camino 350 small block, I've been using regular unleaded and I'm just curious if it's helpful to the car to use a higher grade. - thanks...
  3. Gas in my oil.

    Engine Topics
    So I recently put a new fuel line in my 84 Elky while I was replacing the intake and exhaust and the pressure built up in my gas tank while my carb was un-hooked from the fuel line. This caused fuel to continuously drip and eventually stream onto the top of my intake and it seeped into my valve...
  4. '86 El Camino Won't Idle

    Engine Topics
    I have an '86 El Camino that I received from my grandpa as a gift, but have had to fix a couple of things on it. I put anew starter in and a new battery, and it was running great until a few days ago I started it and it died instantly. I started it again and gave it some gas, and once again it...
  5. Gas return line, NEED HELP.

    Body Restoration
    Hello im new on here, im 16 i just bought my first car a 1977 el camino classic, ive rebuilt the top end of the motor and some other stuff, im all ready to see if she will fire but i replaced the fuel pump and now gas is shooting out of the over flow nipple on the pump. After some research i...
  6. Need 65 gas pedal mounting

    Wanted Items
    I'm working on a 65 el camino and the gas pedal is just a stub coming down from under the dash right now, but we found the pedal but shouldnt there be a mounting bracket? all we have is just a pedal but it has holes for some kind of swivel or something. If so I need to know where to buy one...