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gauge cluster
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  1. Electrical Systems
    I bought myself a Dakota Digital gauge assembly and I need to install their sensors for it to work. I found the oil pressure sensor no problem, but I can’t seem to find the coolant temp sensor that sends a signal to the gauge anywhere. Anyone know where it’s at? I have an ‘81 with a 229 v6.
  2. Electrical Systems
    Good morning everyone, I tried to search through the forum for similar issues already but I couldn't find what I'm looking for. Let me start off by saying that I am no expert on cars in any way shape or form, and learn as I go. Ever since I was a kid my grandad had this 85 El Camino, he would...
  3. Electrical Systems
    Hello guys, I bought a 1987 el camino a little while ago and I just finished putting a new engine in it since the old 305 in it spun a bearing. I have been driving the car a little bit now and have noticed some nasty electrical problems that I cannot figure out so if anybody has ideas or...
  4. Parts for sale
    Hi guys , I’m looking for the speed gauge for my 78, I pretty much need the whole thing minus the cable , also looking for the fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge ,battery gauge,temp gauge and Clock if available thanks you guys in advance . I’m PayPal ,Venmo,cash app,and zelle ready
  5. Electrical Systems
    So recently my 83 El Co has been giving me problems with the gauge. The two main problems are my speedometer; the needle broke off, it shows five mph less than your actually going (So if the speed limit is 40 you'd need to go 35 which is actually 40) it also bounces around everywhere so half od...
  6. Electrical Systems
    After changing the idiot light to a gauge instruments panel the engine check lamp came on after 3 mls. The fault code was 14 and 15 ?? why now and not before? I changed the temperature sensor (new model) but the fault remains. I disconnected the battery cables for one night and connected the +...
  7. Interior Restoration
    Anyone know what size screws hold the gauge cluster to the dash bezel? Trucks been apart too long and small parts have gone awol. Thanks..
1-7 of 7 Results