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  1. Electrical Systems
    Hello guys, I bought a 1987 el camino a little while ago and I just finished putting a new engine in it since the old 305 in it spun a bearing. I have been driving the car a little bit now and have noticed some nasty electrical problems that I cannot figure out so if anybody has ideas or...
  2. Parts for sale
    Hi guys , I’m looking for the speed gauge for my 78, I pretty much need the whole thing minus the cable , also looking for the fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge ,battery gauge,temp gauge and Clock if available thanks you guys in advance . I’m PayPal ,Venmo,cash app,and zelle ready
  3. Electrical Systems
    http://chevellestuff.net/tech/fuel_gauge_diagnosis.htm :texas:
  4. Wanted Items
    Im needing a complete gauge set for a 83 my speedo and tach went out followed by my fuel. If anyone has extra gauges would love to buy a set.
  5. Wanted Items
    Looking for fuel gauge to fit 1981 Elky, without gauges, standard dash. If anyone has a good one, I'd like to buy it. Figured there would be some out there that were replaced with gauge instrument panel. Or if you know where I could find one, Please let me know:neutral2:
1-5 of 6 Results