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  1. Electrical Systems
    Need help troubleshooting the cluster on my 70. The Speedo doesn't illuminate. I replaced the headlight switch, hoping that, that would take care of it. Switch is nice and crisp now but the dash still doesn't light up. The only things that lit, before and after the new switch, are the climate...
  2. Wanted Items
    Needing a sweep style cluster for my 70 El Camino. Mine is not illuminating. If you have one or know of somewhere I might find one, info would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Electrical Systems
    I'm looking to upgrade the gauge cluster on my 1976 GMC Sprint. It currently has the round gauges and I simply want to replace them to make it look as original as possible. I have been considering going with Dakota Digital gauges, but they have never built a custom gauge cluster for the 1976...
  4. Interior Restoration
    Happy Holidays everyone, I'm trying to get started on my interior this winter and am having a tough time deciding on sport bucket seats (not original). I don't care to spend much past $750 for the entire package, just need something that holds me in place. The best I've seen so far is from...
  5. Wanted Items
    Hi all. I have a 77 El Camino, supposedly SS, though the gauges are all idiot lights. The fuel gauge is a large round gauge right by the speedo. I've looked all up and down the internet trying to find if there is an instrument option with gauges (tach, temp, OP, etc) and can't find anything...
  6. Electrical Systems
    My new (to me) '85 Caballero has the large clock in the IP. I can pick up a tach w/clock from a wrecked MonteCarlo. Can I swap this in without doing much extra wiring? Is a tach connection already contained in my IP wiring loom? Thanks in advance, Mike
  7. Interior Restoration
    I put a Shiftworks Tach pt.# S518-w ('71-72 Chevelle malibu sweep dash tach) to a 1979 El Camino with warning light dash. Here is a pic, its a fairly simple install now that I have it figured out. I am going to talk to Shiftworks to see if they can use a different mounting bucket to eliminate...
  8. Wanted Items
    Anybody know where I can find the plastic housing that the Dash Bezel screws to, that holds gauges, light switch, etc.......I tried OPGI, Ecklers, and the El Camino Store......any help would be appreciated, 1982 Elky, thanks, Terry :dontknow:
  9. Wanted Items
    looking for a bench seat and seat belts and maybe a dash cluster with gauges. Im located in the Panhandle of florida.
  10. Electrical Systems
    I been looking at upgrading my gauges being my only working gauges currently are oil pres. and tach. I've been looking at getting the digital replacements from Dakota digital and was wondering if anyone is using them or has used them and what you all think of them. Is it worth the $700?
  11. Electrical Systems
    My dash lights come on and off randomly. They were on last night. Turned the car off to get gas and what do you know....off again. Was in the middle of a convo with Donny and my driver floor lamp went out? lol. More importantly, none of my gauges and clock do not work but Speedo does...
  12. Electrical Systems
    So I converted my idiot lights to gauges today, and for the life of me can't seem to find the original oil pressure switch which I was going to take out and replace with my new oil sending unit for the gauges. Am I missing something or just blind??? I have looked all around the distributor, and...
  13. Electrical Systems
    None of the gauges work on my 73 SS. Ignition, exterior lights, and wipers all work, but none of the gauges, radio, A/C, work at all. It's tricky driving a 454 with no fuel gauge... I don't have a lot of experience on the electircal side of things, so I just wanted to see if you folks had any...
  14. Electrical Systems
    Hello Elco Fans I just made a new dash for my 1983 El camino. G body iequus fuel, temp, oil, volt, Speedo, and 5 inch tach they look beautiful. they all work great. i just have one problem, i cant light them properly. i have the ground right, thats a no brainer. but the white wire. i...
  15. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for gauges for my '86. Right now i have the dummy light gauges and i want to switch to all needles. So i am looking for an oil guage, water temp, battery, tach, and gas. Also if you have a speedometer with a trip odometer on it to i would be interested.
  16. Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know whether the 1985 EC V8 (with gauges and tach) engine wiring harness is still available? If so, where can I find it.
  17. Interior Restoration
    I want to replace the worn out oem gauges with some nice aftermarket ones. Does anyone know who makes the right size gauges to work in the oem dash without having to modify it to death? Please help if you have done this swap.
  18. Electrical Systems
    First off i have done my research and did everything i have read that i can do. Its an 83 Gmc Cabellero, everything is all good except for the Cluster. None of the gauges work and it doesnt light up for night time use. fuel goes past full when you turn on the car, and goes past empty when...
  19. Electrical Systems
    I have an '82, all the gauges (except gas and speedo) are dumby ones. I went ahead and bought oil pressure/volt/water temp/tachometer gauges. I have not put them in yet. But then I was at the junk yard the other day and a saw an el camino with gauges that actually give you information. So, my...
1-19 of 21 Results