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  1. IMG_2159.jpg

    1982 chevy El camino
  2. Tips & Tricks
    Hello fellow NECOA Members! I've decided to create this thread to act as a sort of table of contents for other 5th Gen El Camino owners looking to get a better understanding of what are some relatively cheap and effective modifications they can do to their cars using second-hand parts. This is...
  3. Engine Topics
    I have an 85 elco 305 with reman quadrajet from national. I was having this issue before carb was replaced. Keep getting code 24 during warm ups. Car is in park not moving. New vss buffer New coolant temp sensor New thermostat Cleaned connectors from harness to ecm but I didn't remove ecm...
  4. Wanted Items
    -combination switch for a 79 ec with tilt wheel -10 bolt 3.73 posi rearend -conquista wheelwell trim -sway bars for 79 el camino -cowl hood for 79 ec/malibu -driver side rear frame rail
  5. Electrical Systems
    http://www.speedometerplus.com/ stock looking in dash 8 grand tach.. bottom of the page,, 81-88 129$,, I want one..:wow:
  6. Suspension & Steering
    have fun..:texas: http://www.maliburacing.com/coilspring.htm
  7. Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know if there is a wiring harness kit to replace the wiring from the power window motor to the switch(es) for a 1981 El Camino? The original wiring in my Elky is so brittle it keeps breaking. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Electrical Systems
    Hello Elco Fans I just made a new dash for my 1983 El camino. G body iequus fuel, temp, oil, volt, Speedo, and 5 inch tach they look beautiful. they all work great. i just have one problem, i cant light them properly. i have the ground right, thats a no brainer. but the white wire. i...
1-8 of 11 Results