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  1. Trailer Towing?

    Suspension & Steering
    So I sold my 1972 Chevy pickup truck a few days ago, it got only 10 mpg on premium fuel. However, I used it for towing the car trailer with 3,500 Lb or less vehicles. Just ate too much fuel, and seldom used. I was thinking that I could either buy a newer pickup, or set up my 1987 El Camino for...
  2. New elky owner! :)

    For New Forum Members Only
    So i just got this '68 Elky from my brother, he never got the chance to do anything to it so decided to pass it down to me. Don't really know much of classic cars or cars to be exact, but i was always fascinated by classic cars. My brother told me it has a 350 engine and hasn't ran for over 2...