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head gasket
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    Hey all. New to the site. So i'm stumped as to what to do. I recently put an Edelbrock 4x4 Victor Jr. on my 350. After that install, I threw on a rebuilt 600 cfm Holley. While I was cranking it with the new parts installed, I had a pretty **** loud backfire come out the exhaust. Keep in mind...
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    I have a 93 Lt-1 engine that I'm going to put in my 83 elko, just wondering if I should change the head gaskets before I put it in my elko? I've been told that there is a pretty good chance that my heads will be cracked or have hair line cracks in them. Is it worth opening a can of head...
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    I replaced the head gaskets last week and also painted the heads orange
1-3 of 3 Results