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  1. Header Panel Modification

    Body Restoration
    Anyone out there know what the material the Header Panel is made of on 84 Elky. I would like to modify another one, first one came out awesome until hit head on by a new Chevy 4x4. I would like to adhere to it with fiberglass, but am unsure if stock is fiberglass or SMC or something else. Any...
  2. Swap 5th gen front ends?

    Body Restoration
    Started thinking I need another El Camino because you know just one isn't enough right? Found one in good shape but it is the Older 2 headlight style. I believe from 1978-1981. I do not particularly care for this front in but it ain't enough to make me pass up this deal. So I was wondering what...
  3. 1979 Header Panel Question

    Body Restoration
    Hi, I just bought a 79' Elco and am new to the game. I need to replace my current header panel. But when I look for parts online, I can only find the header panel from a 82'-87'. My question is, does the header panel from 82'-87' fit a 1979? EX...