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  1. Body Restoration
    Hi all, I am missing a part of my el Camino! Unfortunately I have not a clue what this piece is called and I have no idea where to get it from. It is a medium sized trim piece or support located under/behind the headlight mounted on the radiator support. I have spent hours on the internet trying...
  2. IMG_5151.jpeg

    4x6 LED, headlight
  3. Electrical Systems
    Hello ok well while I was driving my headlight stop workin parking lights are fine bReak lights are fine went to put blinker on headlights powered on. Now headlights are not working at all . Please help any suggestions on what the problem Might be any help is much appreciated thanks
  4. Wanted Items
    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a set of headlight bezels for a 1973 Laguna front end? I am putting a 73 Laguna front end on my 76 El Camino. Found the front end can't find the headlight bezels. I've searched everywhere and am hoping someone can come to the rescue.
  5. Electrical Systems
    When i turn on the headlights they stay on for a second then go out. There was a burning smell right before is happened, so i thought is was the headlight switch but that didn't fix it. I'm stuck and have no clue what else to try. I didn't see any obvious messed up wires behind the dash or under...
  6. Electrical Systems
    Hey, I need to adjust my headlights. The left lamp badly crosses over to the right. I've never adjusted headlights before, though I have a basic knowledge of how they should point. As i understand it, there are adjusting screws? Where are they located, and how do I get to them? In case it's...
  7. Electrical Systems
    Okay, I have gone through about 10 pages of posts but on dial-up it takes forver so I just have to ask for help. My father has an 85 Camino he pulled from a field he is rebuilding. Has it running good but he is having a problem with the head light switch. There is an orange and red wire that...
1-7 of 7 Results