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  1. Interior Restoration
    1) I am looking for a molded 1 piece headliner for my 72. Does anyone know of a place that makes them. 2) If none avail, what is the size difference in a later model 1 piece 78+ Roofline / headliner shape and the 72. I cant find information anywhere. The car is a resto mod, so as long at the...
  2. Interior Restoration
    I had the local paint shop mix some SEM vinyl paint for me. I sprayed all the interior trim in my 85 yesterday and have some paint left over. Has anyone ever painted a "fuzzy" headliner with the vinyl paint? How did it turn out? The material is in good shape and is only a little dirty around...
  3. Interior Restoration
    I have searched both here and Google and have not been able to find how to put the clips on for the headliner. When I bought this project car there was no headliner or the clips so I have no idea on how to put them on when I get the headliner done. Anybody know where I can get details? With pics...
  4. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for a headliner board for a 1980. I already purchased the new material and when i pulled the old off I found there was no board under it...... Or if anyone has an idea of how to make one..also interested:P thanks,
1-4 of 4 Results