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  1. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Just put a new engine in my 84 El Camino and it is running awesome. I'm getting what the machine shop says is 325 hp out of my rebuild and it's a beautiful thing. I do have a problem I'm working on though and hope someone has some ideas. When I turn on the defrosters or heat I get steam...
  2. Wanted Items
    Hi there: I need the cover that bolts to the top of 5th gen el camino HVAC box. This is the piece that the fan is bolted to and the resistor which can be accessed from under the hood. As you have probably guessed mine has a huge crack in it. I can be reached at [email protected] Many...
  3. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Greetings all I have a 1965 el camino and am in process of installing the Heater, I have the original heater/exchange (interior piece) but do not have the heater box cover (firewall size) the piece in the engine compartment was out before I got the car, and I need a new one..I got a non-air...
1-3 of 3 Results