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  1. Suspension & Steering
    Greetings everyone, I installed a UMI suspension kit on my 1981 El camino and it included control arms. Once I installed, torqued, and greased everything, I took it out for a drive. Immediately met with a new clunking noise coming from drivers side as I roll over mild imbalances in the road. I...
  2. Interior Restoration
    I was wondering if a 1973 el camino laguna gauge cluster will fit in a 1977 el camino conquista cluster spot?
  3. Engine Topics
    Hey new guy here! To both Caminos and cars/mechanics all together. I picked up a (relatively) stock 84 in good running condition. I noticed a return line from my cylinder cover (same side as oil cap) back into my air filter/intake assembly. I noticed because I was giving the carb a seafoam...
  4. Engine Topics
    Just went for a drive to dollar general and occurred some issues. Looks like an intake gasket turned into a burnt cookie and crumbled. But im not sure what caused this along with the fact the cover was off but bolts not broken and laying on top of intake plate.
  5. Wanted Items
    Hi, when I bought my 85 el Camino it did not come with the original dark blue steering wheel. I’d really like one if anyone has one in good condition please let me know
  6. Electrical Systems
    Just trying to get some advice on which ACC fuse i should or could use and also if you see anything else wrong please point out lol
  7. Electrical Systems
    I’m swapping to digital and all wiring harness diagrams I’ve seen don’t match the colored wires I just wanna find power and ground so I can atleast see how fast I’m going haha
  8. Body Restoration
    Im planning on getting this el camino roller that looks rly great holds a 7.4l and im wondering what frames will be interchangeable to this year and where to get proper supplies and parts for restoration
  9. Engine Topics
    I recently have started work on the drive train of my 1983 el camino specifically the 229 v6 I haven't been able to get the idle to kick down in any park or neutral. It only drops down while in reverse and drive gears. I replaced the egr valve and am looking for some other plan of attack. If...
  10. Regional Discussion
    Hey all! My name is John O'Callaghan, and I am brand new to this discussion board. I know little to nothing about El Caminos, except for the fact that my father, Kevin O'Callaghan, built one in the 70's. I was home for the holidays and we went through his old photo albums and i could see how...
  11. Electrical Systems
    I need help hooking up my wiper motor and switch in my 79. I cannot figure out how they hook up together. Which pin should be connected to which pin? Here are some pictures.
  12. Electrical Systems
    So I just bought my 81, el Camino conquista this last Friday and didn’t notice the wipers did not work until I got home. I don’t know if it is a switch issue or a motor or maybe I’m just not understanding how to turn them on. Whenever I flip the switch from off to low and high I get no...
1-12 of 13 Results