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  1. Engine Topics
    G'day guys, Long one here..... I bought an elco from the US and imported to Australia a while back and have still have not been able to properly drive it. The latest issue is overheating. On a cool day < 20 deg/c at idle or driving the temp gauge reads around 210-210 deg/f climbing up to 230...
  2. Wanted Items
    I need a Holley 750 Double Pumper. No choke is ok, but must have provisions for TV/detent. Thanks, Ralph:texas:
  3. Engine Topics
    Sup guys. After tinkering with the donor motor taken out of and 82 chevy p/u project truck I have for my elko I deciphered that it has a Holley TBI setup. the Part# I got off the unit is 34R 11109B. From what i found online, I believe it about 670 CFM. What can you tell me about it? (is this a...
  4. Engine Topics
    Just dropped a Holley 750 Vac secondary (model 3310) on my 350 4 bolt main. Finally evicted that POS Carter AFB! Any how, the car was running well for a day then I noticed she started running rough. Chugging at idle, sounded like she dropped an octive out of the exhaust. When I mash the throtle...
  5. Engine Topics
    I am looking for a new carb. I currently have a 305 but sooner or later i will be upgrading to a 350. What holley carb would you recommend?
  6. Performance Modifications
    Hi all, I tried the search but didn't find what I was looking for. I'm looking for carb advice on a 73 350 el Camino. I believe it's just got a stock 2 barrel in it. I hate the auto choke. HATE IT. It runs OK when it's 60+ degrees, but lately it's a turd. The temperature here varies a lot...
1-6 of 6 Results