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  1. Hood Ornament

    Does anyone know where I can find a hood ornament for my ‘80 El Camino? If I need to scour salvage yards for one that’s okay, but I’m wondering if there are some that are less and $50, because that’s what I’m finding on Ebay.
  2. '71 Hood Latch

    Body Restoration
    Hello! I was hoping you guys might be able to help me out with a small issue I'm having with my hood latch...its seems to have finally given out and I'm unable to get the hood to 'pop' open at this time. Any tips/tricks on how to manually release the latch in there? I appreciate the help...
  3. Any tips for a good clean hood ornament restore?

    Tips & Tricks
    I managed to find the two pieces to complete the hood ornament. one is really cloudy the other is fine. Now I'm going to clean up the old stuck paint and see if I can glue the two plastic stickers on. are there any good cleaners and adhesives to make sure these stick on there good. I notice the...
  4. Need 73-77 hood and other body panels

    Wanted Items
    Getting ready to put my '77 in the body shop for restoration. (47,000 original miles with 350) Need a clean, straight hood. Would like to have clean doors and rear quarters. Will consider a nice rear bumper if cheaper than re-chroming mine. Need to get the parts to coastal SC. Thank you.
  5. Bed tie-downs, hood

    Wanted Items
    Just bought a 1985 Caballero, need a set of bed tie-downs (among other things). I also need a hood, turns out that's where the rust was hiding.
  6. fiberglass hood.

    Body Restoration
    im looking to put a stock flat fiberglass hood (bolt on) on my 79 el camino. does anybody have an experience with any places and could point me in a direction.
  7. Need 1970 SS Cowl Hood.

    Wanted Items
    I need a 1970 SS cowl induction hood. Needs to be original, and no dents or rust. Talk to me! :nanawrench: Not dying for one, just driving around with no air cleaner is all. Ha
  8. How Do I Fix Hood?

    Body Restoration
    I have an 85 EC with the the factory choo choo scoop. However, the "points" of the hood (two corners closest to windshield) have been beaten down. It appears somebody before me stored the hood on its points and bent them down. I have attached a picture of an 87 hood with the points circled...
  9. 1982 Cowl Hood

    Wanted Items
    Hello! I am looking for a steel cowl hood to fit my 1982 El Camino. Dents and condition does not matter. I live in North Carolina.
  10. Body work to hood help please?

    Body Restoration
    How would you tackle this? i'm going to have a few days off this upcoming week, the supplies i have are body filler fiberglass patch kit, and bondo spreaders. i dont have a welder.
  11. need a hood

    Region 2 (CT,MA,ME,NH,RI,VT)
    I feel stupid, I was doing a tune up on my elky and decided to take it for a test run. I got up to about 30 when the hood flew up because it wasn't latched down, it didn't damage anything but the hood and unfortunately it isn't savable, does anyone know where I can get a good hood for an 87 for...
  12. '65 "T" Hood Emblem

    Body Restoration
    Looking for the "T" for 1965 hood emblem. Hope someone has replaced their's with new and kept old one
  13. Compatible Chevrolet hoods (79-87)?

    Body Restoration
    Hey guys, first post here, so be patient with me. Just bought a '82 Camino, hood's a little rusted. I'm planning to put a carbon hood on it, does anybody know what other Chevy models are compatible? I know Malibu, since it's the same chasis, but anything else? Oh, and what about compatible...
  14. Wanted: Cowl Hood for '81 SS

    Wanted Items
    I'm looking for a cowl hood, 2" or 4"... I don't care. I put a new motor in my car and my hood doesn't want to shut with the breather on it. I like to have a good 3"-4" filter on it and I can't have that with a stock hood. If you have one for a reasonable price that will bolt on please email me...
  15. low profile supercharger? supercharger recs?

    Performance Modifications
    I have reached the point with my 1980 el camino project where I will be picking up the front clip from metalrehab (metalrehab.com) in a couple of weeks and taking it to the body shop where the rest of the vehicle has been stripped completely down to the metal and the paint/reassembly process...