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  1. General BS Topics
    I am going to rant about some stuff, leave now if your under 18 or don't have mommy's permission to be on [email protected] My wife was a victim of an illegal stop this evening by Texas Department of Public Safety, be forewarned, They don't need a reason to stop YOU! She was in my 2010 Chevy 2500. The cop...
  2. Other Vehicle Discussions
    I traded my 67 Cuda in running, but not driving condition along with a Chrysler 383 and 727 trans for, drum roll please, 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury running and driving 361 Big Block with push button auto. :eek3:Don't get me wrong, it needs a lot of work, but I still think I did good.:texas...
  3. Region 13 (TX)
    Just curious if anyone is planning to attend the Super Chevy Show in Ennis. May 16-17th This is 2 weeks prior to Belton. I'm tossed up on it, seems that I always donate to the God's of Speed at Super Chevy events in one form or another.:texas:
  4. General BS Topics
    This customer read me the riot act over a bill on his '06 Dodge diesel and swore to never come back to me in writing. Well fast forward 5 years and he asked Linda if I would work on his hot rod. Now this car has been to everyone else in these years, but who does he call when he's really in need...
  5. Region 13 (TX)
    I did not get enough at Belton, so I left the car on the trailer and am going to San Antonio Raceway Saturday night. They are having their bracket program and it pays $500, so I plan to bring my A game. If anyone wants to come out to race or for the cheering section chime in. I will be there at...
1-5 of 5 Results