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  1. My 307 sbc runs perfectly until the engine warms up, then wont stay running

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    I did a v6 to v8 engine swap in my 1982 elcamino. I timed it and it ran great for a few days. I even drove it to work. But on my way back from work it started sputtering and backfiring. I had to limp it home. Now I can start it up and it idles and runs great for around 15-20 minutes until...
  2. Trouble tuning in dualjet carb.

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    I've been tweaking away at my carb for a while to try and find that sweet spot. After a few close misses, I'm finally coming to the gurus for a little help. Car: 1979 El Camino 231 V6 w/ Dualjet Carb (Car was once an ECM car but all the electronics have been removed.) I originally had...
  3. Help! high idle when throttle is given

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    I have had a high idle problem for awhile, but it would appear spontaniously and rarely, and it the car dieseled it would shortly after turn off. Today it got really bad, the cruck didn't come with a tachometer, but it was idling way too high. It continued while I was driving, and was enough to...
  4. Just started noticing high idle?

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    We have what we think is a 350 in a 1984 el camino. But the electric choke on it won't kick down very well. When I start it it will idle at 2000 and won't really kick down we have tried to do adjustments on the carb but it will work for a little bit but then will go back to the 2000rpm idle...
  5. '86 El Camino Won't Idle

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    I have an '86 El Camino that I received from my grandpa as a gift, but have had to fix a couple of things on it. I put anew starter in and a new battery, and it was running great until a few days ago I started it and it died instantly. I started it again and gave it some gas, and once again it...
  6. shudder when idling

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    I have an 86 that shudders when i go into reverse, but mainly when idling. Also when idling in drive I get quite a vibration...which goes away when I step on the gas. When I bought it (which was recently) , it had sat for a year beforehand. I've changed the oil, ran some fuel system cleaner...