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  1. Dakota Digital control box mounting

    Electrical Systems
    I have a question on placement for you guys that have mounted a control box for the DD gauge assembly. I have my dash totally removed and have removed all old remnants of the original ECM and instrument panel. I had the DD dash temporarily installed and mounted on a piece of plywood. I'm now...
  2. 1977 El Camino SS instrument cluster gauges wanted

    Wanted Items
    Hi all. I have a 77 El Camino, supposedly SS, though the gauges are all idiot lights. The fuel gauge is a large round gauge right by the speedo. I've looked all up and down the internet trying to find if there is an instrument option with gauges (tach, temp, OP, etc) and can't find anything...
  3. Cluster swap....What temp sensor???

    Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, thanks for all of your help. I got the rally cluster from an 85 Monte Carlo. I got the speedo, oil pressure, and volts to work. Still have an issue with tach and temp sensor. Is there a certain brand of temp sensor that I should use? The only one I could find at NAPA that would...
  4. Instrument Cluster Interchangeability between years?

    Electrical Systems
    I've got a '79 Elky with the standard wide 'sweep' speedo on the cluster and no tach, though there are gages that I'm presuming were added by a previous owner down near the bottom of the dash for temp and the likes. I've also got a replacement dash pulled from a Malibu that came with the car...
  5. Speedometer swap

    Electrical Systems
    I got a 86 elky that bought from some guy who was in the middle of restoring it. It had a set of metric guages in it when he got it so he took them out and stuck a set in it out of a monte carlo. I want to get the speedometer calibrated so I actually know how fast I'm going but I don't really...