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interior lights

  1. NO dash lights, NO gauges!

    Electrical Systems
    My dash lights come on and off randomly. They were on last night. Turned the car off to get gas and what do you know....off again. Was in the middle of a convo with Donny and my driver floor lamp went out? lol. More importantly, none of my gauges and clock do not work but Speedo does...
  2. Keeps blowing the fuse

    Electrical Systems
    So I finally decided to pull the panel that would expose my fuses. The horn, interior lights, pwr door locks, and cigar lighter don't work. I found the blown fuse, and the next one blew as soon as I replaced the fuse. The original fuse I pulled first was a 30 amp, so now I'm guessing that...
  3. how to replace interior dash lights?

    Interior Restoration
    Im looking to replace my dash lights in my 79' and im not sure how to go about it. I want to have a brighter light so i can see at night how fast i am going(kinda helpful haha). anyways does anybody know how i can go about doing this, do i have to take the dash apart? also, if you can help...