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  1. Cost of Interior Door Panel Replacement

    Interior Restoration
    Just got my 1979 El Camino a couple of days ago and excited about it I need to replace the Door Panels on the Driver Side ... Can anyone recommend a site where i can purchase upper and lower panels reasonable ?? Any help would be great
  2. Cluster swap....What temp sensor???

    Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, thanks for all of your help. I got the rally cluster from an 85 Monte Carlo. I got the speedo, oil pressure, and volts to work. Still have an issue with tach and temp sensor. Is there a certain brand of temp sensor that I should use? The only one I could find at NAPA that would...
  3. A Few Questions

    Interior Restoration
    1. replacement glove box hinge? any ideas? or maybe using a regular hinge from home depot with gorilla glue, something like that 2 replacing plastic moldings around the door jam. I have found some for the Windshield Pillar Moldings but I'm looking for the other 2 parts that go around the door...
  4. 87 Elky- What other factory CD player fits?

    Interior Restoration
    So I'd like to replace my Factory am/fm Cassette player in my 1987 El Camino. I was thinking about an aftermarket unit however, several members have installed later GM am/fm Cd players and the results were near factory fit and finish. I don't want to mess up the current bezel on my 1987, which...
  5. 1987 Dash Stereo vs. replacement?

    Hey guys, perhaps you can assist me with the following question? I want to change the stock am/fm cassette with an aftermarket single DIN CD player. That said, the standard faceplate for the center controls in the 87 seems a bit large for a standard " Kit ". Looking at all the kits...
  6. Heater vaccum assembly question

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    So it's one fix at a time, and now that the center dash plate has been removed to replace the lighter ( kept blowing the fuses ), I decided to take a look at the switch for the heater/air. I'm only getting air from the vents and floor, not the dash vents. That said, the comments I've gotten...
  7. WANTED: 5th Generation Tailgate

    Wanted Items
    I am in the midst of restoring my 5th generation bed (i.e., 1985). I have a tail gate with the interior surface that is in very rough condition. As a result, I am looking for either a i.) "perfect tailgate"; or ii.) a tailgate with a perfect interior panel. I am willing to pay a reasonable...