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interior trim

  1. 1959 Stock original restoration Info needed

    Suspension & Steering
    I am restoring a '59 El Camano and have questions about equpment. My info comes from a Oct 1, 1958 Chevrolet publication. 1. Was there other publications dated after 10-58. 2. Were both A/C systems ( in-dash and under-dash) listed in the Chevy Car brosure available? 3. Was up-graded interior...
  2. 5thGen: Do You Have List of Interior Components?

    Interior Restoration
    I have had the interior of my 85 EC gutted for more than a year. I am getting ready to send the EC to the painter. However, I would like to inspect, organize, refurbish and inventory all of the pieces for the interior. Does anyone have a list of all the interior components/trim pieces? Such...