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  1. Interior Restoration
    interior color of my 82 is a maroon color, gm heritage site says interior color is redwood...need drivers side arm rest and some touch up paint for trim, can't find any redwood color anywhere (Eastwood , Ecklers, opg, etc.) Anyone know what this interior color could be.
  2. Interior Restoration
    I'm doing a 86 el camino. The original color was brown on saddle. My son wants to go with a silver and black combo. How hard and expensive is a color change without a donor car?
  3. Interior Restoration
    http://www.elcaminocentral.com/album.php?albumid=4306&pictureid=26042 still new to this...also if I posted the link incorrectly plz notify me...thanks!
  4. Interior Restoration
    can anyone tell me how to remove the piece of trim that runs along the edge of the headliner near the front wind shield?
  5. Interior Restoration
    Hello, I have a 1985 Choo Choo, White with blue interior, bucket seats and console. The interior is RPO codes 27B 27I and 279 which is the Dk Blue color. I was basically convinced that someone had replaced the console and ashtray in this El Camino as these parts are black and the dash is...
  6. Interior Restoration
    I have a '73 custom that i bought for son, the exterior is is great shape and newly painted. The inside is a complete restoration. I found a '76 that has all the interior parts I need. WILL THEY FIT? I am looking to use from the '76; - the seats - door panels - dash - a/c control nobs - door...
  7. Wanted Items
    I just know somebody here replaced his bench seat with buckets, and that old bench seat is just sitting around. My car came from the PO with a non-tilt bench. That does not seem correct original, as the spare tire really is not accessible without the tilt function. Did someone switch my seat...
  8. Interior Restoration
    I just recently picked up an '85 and upon buying it I realized the interior was kind of garabage. I'm wanting to put in some bucket seats, a handbrake , and a center console. If anyone has examples of this done and suggestions for new parts or even possible junk yard searches I would appreciate it
  9. Interior Restoration
    So… I was sitting in my driveway and then this happened!
  10. Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone. I took my 1981 El Camino out for the last time before winter last night and I noticed my Cab Lights wouldn't go out. When I got back from my drive I took apart the headlight dimming switch and the door button just tiring to trouble shoot the problem. Even with both switches...
  11. Interior Restoration
    I got the interior almost done. Just wanted to share. Feeling good after lord knows how many hours. Also like to share because of people on here that like pictures and sharing I was able to get a whole lot of inspiration and hopefully can inspire others. Taking the winter off and then on to the...
  12. Wanted Items
    looking for a bench seat and seat belts and maybe a dash cluster with gauges. Im located in the Panhandle of florida.
  13. Interior Restoration
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I am trying to locate the name and hopefully a source- for the plastic trim piece (I think it was plastic) that went between the headliner and windshield. I posted a picture of where it goes here: http://ppl.ug/DYXzut2fnIk/ Thanks, Scott in Tucson
  14. Wanted Items
    Hey all, I'm in need of only one piece of molding trim for a 76 elkie, it's the last thing I need. I have the rear speaker covers and the front pillar covers, and the cover that goes between the headliner and the windshield, but what I don't have is the drivers side cover that connects the three...
  15. Interior Restoration
    I have searched both here and Google and have not been able to find how to put the clips on for the headliner. When I bought this project car there was no headliner or the clips so I have no idea on how to put them on when I get the headliner done. Anybody know where I can get details? With pics...
  16. Wanted Items
    I happened to leave the AC vent for my el camino on the trunk of my car when heading back from paint. As we all know plastic doesn't stay on a surface while going down the motorway at 80mph:dontknow:. if anybody has a spare I would greatly appreciate it. if your local in Oklahoma I could even...
  17. Wanted Items
    4 or 5 point harnesses wanted, black, latch style release preferred. Probably the wrong site for this, but may as well give it a shot! :beer:
  18. Interior Restoration
    I'm going to post some pictures for you guys to see as soon as i get time. I removed the entire interior and found some light surface rust under the dash and 3 or 4 really small holes in the seatpan on the drivers side. I covered the floor with the POR-15 kit and still have the last coat to do...
  19. Body Restoration
    After I picked up my camino, I discovered a busted heater core and a rain leak. I've pulled out the entire interior, dash included, to check floorpans. They ended up not being too bad, but its been sitting covered for a couple weeks and I keep walking out to find damp floorpans. I'm guessing...
  20. Interior Restoration
    I have been trying to figure out how to get the dash-pad off of my 72 and I am now convinced that the guy before me did something annoying :angry:. I took out the 6 screws that all the manuals/post say to remove and then discovered that there are two more right next to the windshield glass...