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  1. Body restoration Bolt Kit

    Body Restoration
    SO....I've had the wife helping me deconstruct my 5th Gen Elco for the Rod Shop to install a new motor / trans and paint the engine bay and such while it was apart. This is how it's setting now. BLESS HER HEART! She made a comment "are you going to re-use these nasty looking bolts?!" This got...
  2. Good gasket kit for a .030 chevy 350?

    Engine Topics
    Doing a little overhaul to a mildly built chevy 350 that's sat in storage quite some time. I primed the oil system, lubed the cylinders and it turned over freely with no issues. It's now been taken apart down to the shortblock. Just as I thought it's bored 30 over. It's a 70's block 2 piece...
  3. 86 El Camino V6 rebuild

    Engine Topics
    I got an 1986 El Camino. Its a 4.3l V6 262ci. I need to rebuld the engine. Does anyone know any websites, online store, or whatever where i can find an engine rebuild kit with all the rings, bolt, gaskets, ETC. please help.
  4. 86 El Camino V6 rebuild

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hey everyone. Im new here. But i got an 86 elky 4.3l V6 262 ci. i've had it for a year. everything is original. This vehicle has been rode hard since it was made and now i need to rebuild the engine. does anyone have any ideas where i can get an engine rebuild kit?
  5. Converting to Electric Radiator Fans

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death, but I could not find any relevant information on this site or elsewhere. I went looking for a kit to replace the mechanical fan with dual electrics. I assumed it would be a simple case of finding a set of fans/shrouds that would fit my radiator...
  6. 5th Gen sport suspension kit?

    Suspension & Steering
    Hey everybody, I'm a little new at this so i apologize if I'm a little slow at first. when I was 16 (I'm still pretty young) I got a 1985 el camino as my first car. I've been driving it for the last few years and I love it, but i would really enjoy being able to redo the front suspension...
  7. the mechanical mystery

    Suspension & Steering
    454 in the front yet the a** end still is lower than the front, should i go for a full suspension makeover for better steering and to bring it up ( http://www.performancesuspension.com/product_info.php?cPath=1_1613_1695_1711_23483&products_id=6021) or just throw these in...