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  1. headlight bezels needed - 73 laguna frontend

    Wanted Items
    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a set of headlight bezels for a 1973 Laguna front end? I am putting a 73 Laguna front end on my 76 El Camino. Found the front end can't find the headlight bezels. I've searched everywhere and am hoping someone can come to the rescue.
  2. laguna...maybe

    For New Forum Members Only
    Yeah yeah, I know, laguna was/wasn't an actual option, depending on who you ask. I've got a laguna front clip, so it's laguna enough for me. 1975 El Camino with a 2 year old 400 turbo transmission, brand new crate motor, brand new msd ignition system and a whole **** load of random issues. I...
  3. laguna nose

    Body Restoration
    finally have found a laguna nose, the guy wants 400, its a 74 but i like the marker lights on the 73 better does anyone know whether the grilles themselves could be swapped or would i be better passing this one by? i know guys i'm picky on this lol
  4. 72-77 El Camino/Leguna door panels

    Parts for sale
    I finished my restoration on my 75 EC and am cleaning out some remaining parts I have left over. I had purchased new lower door panels as well as NEW Laguna upper door panels (different than the stock 73-77 EC upper panels). Both sets (R & L) are black and new in box. The Laguna upper panels...