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  1. Radiator hoses have no pressure

    Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
    Hey y'all, so the heat in my '80 elky wasn't very warm so I went ahead and replaced my heater core seeing as I know it has never been replaced. Everything back together and sealed up correctly, fired it up and the hot air was warmer, but not to where I know it should be. So, I bought a new...
  2. Leak from fan box in front of fan

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hi all, I’m new here. I just picked up a 75 SS that has a leak from the box directly in front of the fan in the interior. It seems water is getting past the gasket between this box and the cowl/fresh air intake. Is this gasket - which is sort of thick and spongy - available anywhere or will I...
  3. Mystery Leak

    Interior Restoration
    The other morning (6:00 am pst) while I was working on my dash & door wiring, I noticed dripping water. The windshield was covered in dew and running down behind the SS wiper rest, I couldn't see where it was going or how it was getting inside, when all else fails "Take it apart". Well I did and...
  4. Fuel line

    Engine Topics
    I parked my car only to come out the next morning to find it smelled like gas I crawled underneath and sure enough the line has a hole in it along the frame rail. My question is can I get a section of fuel injection rubber hose and it that in instead of the hard steel line? The section along the...
  5. '70 Interior Leak

    Interior Restoration
    I've got two leaks to fix. I found engine coolant coming in from behind the dash on the passenger side and every time it rains, the drivers side soaks up water. Going to dry and pull the interior out and see whats going on. Do you guys know of any common problems?
  6. 5th gen leaking.

    Body Restoration
    My 1985 El Camino is leaking when it rains or if I take it to the car wash. I have found where it is leaking on the inside but wondering if anyone knows where its coming from on the outside. I'm afraid to just fix the problem on the inside because I feel if I keep the water from leaking it will...
  7. Exhaust leaking through heating or vents?

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I drove my elco around the block and my head just about exploded from such an intense headache. My exhaust is leaking into the cab and I can't figure out how. No matter what when I start it the heat is on low, is it possible exhaust is getting in through the heater? Also, I notice these two vent...
  8. Tranny leak

    Transmission & Drive line
    68 Elky, 2speed powerglide, leaking fluid from pan(?) has puddled to drivers side from center over about a week.. Mobile mechanic had me pour in a stop leak, (heard that was a bad idea) and it's still doing the same leak pattern a week later. Should I be concerned? The dipstick still reads ok...
  9. Interior Water Leak - 1983 Diesel Super Sport

    Body Restoration
    Hello, I have been having a water leak in my 1983 Diesel Super Sport on the passenger's side. It comes from the right side of the glove box and left side of the glove box/underneath the center console. When I reverse down my driveway and stop water will just pour out of those two spots.The...
  10. Rear Window Leak Repair

    Body Restoration
    During a recent rain, I noticed that I now have a leak coming from my rear window. There are no visible rust holes in the metal around the window. From reading on here, I see that this is not a new issue for Elkys. Anyway, I stopped at a body shop and they gave me an estimate of ~$250 for...