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lift kit

  1. Putting 24s on the 78

    Wheels & Tires
    I know that most of you would not aprove of this, but i feel this is the only place i can get some real help, from real people. I really want to put some nice irocs on my elco and ive decided that i want to go with 24's, I know (donk donk). i need to know what kind of lift i would need. a...
  2. Raise the rear end of G5

    Suspension & Steering
    I have 1981 Elky that I am redoing. I really like the old muscle car look with the a$$ up in the air. Currently I can blast my air shocks and get the look I want, but I would like to eventually shift to a standard type shock for a btter ride quality and I would like the jacked up look to be...