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  1. Electrical Systems
    I have tried to search for the correct configuration for the front lights, turn, marker, side lights. I am not sure which are supposed to come on when? 1984 El Camino. My problem is which position are the turn signals (inboard or out board), same with markers and side lights, I have nothing to...
  2. Electrical Systems
    So the other day I got caught doing 72 in a 55 zone (Speedo dont work). State boy wrote it down as 65 to help me out a bit BUT he also got me for no brake lights on the elcamino. I told him I didnt know which was a lie. He wrote me up on them to cover his butt if I got rear ended. The issue with...
  3. Electrical Systems
    Hola Amigos Happy new year to all! Now here is my problem, my light switch, which I hope is the problem because it's an easy fix, only turns on my head lights. none of my dash lights go on, no dimmer, no side market lights, no parking lights. I've checked the fuses 5amo for dash and they it...
  4. Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone. I took my 1981 El Camino out for the last time before winter last night and I noticed my Cab Lights wouldn't go out. When I got back from my drive I took apart the headlight dimming switch and the door button just tiring to trouble shoot the problem. Even with both switches...
  5. Body Restoration
    I have a 79 El Camino and am thinking of exterior designs, this was one idea i had. A custom roll bar/headache rack with 4 lights on top, 2 lights on the front bumper and 2 four foot cb whips, i only have one right now. http://t.co/s7STpAk50f
  6. Electrical Systems
    I'm a little lost because I have all other lights working except my reverse lights. Tail lights, brake lights, headlights, turn signals, side markers, etc... All work. All my fuses are in place and everything works. Is there another fuse somewhere or a switch that maybe hard to get to or find?
  7. Electrical Systems
    So, to make a long story short, my lights on my '81 have gone bizarre! lol. My passenger parking light had a bad bulb. When I changed it, I realized it was significantly brighter than the other one. So when I change the other (which was the only one initially working), I then realized that...
  8. Body Restoration
    Hey guys, so I am starting body work on my 1980 el camino and really don't like the side marker lights. And I am wondering what their purpose besides the obvious is? And want to know if anyone has taken them out and filled in the hole before? All help is appreciated! Thanks and god bless El...
  9. Electrical Systems
    dropped steering column to fix the rod for the dimmer switch. put everything back together. now have no lights, voltage to the cigarette lighter and radio. any Advice??? photos will help
  10. Electrical Systems
    I am having bad issues with my lights all around. Headlights work good but my taillights sometimes work and sometimes they don't. I have cleaned up the connection by the bumper didn't help. Made a new gound from bumper to frame. My front left blinker blinks passenger don't. I'm thinking just a...
  11. Engine Topics
    Ive checked under both kick panels and havnt found the ground wire which makes my lights turn on throughout the car. Where might this wire be located if that is even the problem?
  12. Electrical Systems
    Weird scenario..???:???: Left blinker turned on= all left lights blink, but right side also blinks dimly..front and rear (including R side fender light). Right blinker turned on= all right blinks except R side fender light-(no left is blinking though) I changed the signal relay, but not the...
  13. Electrical Systems
    for the life of me i cant figure out what to do. help would be greatly appreciated. ok heres my problem. my turn signals work, but when i use my brakes the left front turn signal comes ons. any advice
  14. Electrical Systems
    hello everyone im currently restoring a 65 elco v8 custom 283 it runs and everything and currently redoing everything inside and i replaced the dash so decided to replace the bulbs for what i know and seen only the signal lights wrked and now only wen i turn the ignition half way to acces one...
  15. Electrical Systems
    I have an 86 el camino...when I pull the knob for the headlights to come on and turn it all the way to the left till it clicks (to adjust the brightness), I get a 'door open' noise and my fuel gauge needle drops down to empty. Also I noticed that my temp, battery, and oil gauges have no...
1-15 of 16 Results