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  1. Lq4 exhaust

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hey guys Just me again So I finally settled on my build and where it's going I've recipe fly swapped in an lq4 5.3l from an 03 yukon truck intake looks nasty sticking up a little passed the hood but the issue I'm running into is the exhaust. I was planning on flipping the factory manifolds...
  2. 383 sbc w/blower ooooor LS3 twin turbo

    Engine Topics
    Currently I'm getting ready to pull out the 383 that's currently in my 65 el Camino and put it on a cradle for now to strip off what I can then mount it on a stand it completely disassemble it. The reason I'll be doing that is this block was originally a 350(via casting #'s) and the previous...
  3. Need Advice for ls1 Swap into 86'

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I will soon become the new owner of a lightly built ls1. We are getting it from some friends who have been building smallblocks for race boats and racecars for years. It's a very good deal, the heads have some port and polish work done to them, better pushrods, valve springs, and comp cams...
  4. ol sparky's el camino resto

    Document your restorations and modifications
  5. Need help selecting motor/drivetrain

    Engine Topics
    I'm trying to decide which direction to go with my 71 elky and thought I would ask here. If my dad were still alive I would be talking this over with him, sorry. Anyways, I know just enough to be dangerous as a wanna be motor head and I need some help. My 350 is tired and needs some love. My...
  6. LS1 or 454? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Engine Topics
    Here's my dilemma: I want to tow about 4000lbs with my 72 Elky. I've got a basically stock 350 w/350 trany that's nowhere near up to the task. Pouring money into the 350 would be fun, but not the best option. I've boiled it down to two possibilities. A guy close by sells very clean LS1...